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September 2013 - May 2017

BSME, Mathematics minor
Merrimack College

Merrimack College provided me with a well-rounded, challenging education.  In addition to academics, attending Merrimack taught me many important life lessons and provided opportunities for me to foster new and lasting relationships.

Relevant coursework includes the following:

  • Engineering

    • Dynamics and Vibrations​

    • Energy Systems

    • Fluid Mechanics

    • Heat and Mass Transfer

    • Instrumentation/Robotics

    • Machine Design

    • Manufacturing Process

    • Mechanics I, II and Advanced Mechanics/FEM

    • Problem Solving with Programming

    • Thermodynamics I and II

  • Mathematics

    • Calculus I, II, and III​

    • Differential Equations

    • Probability and Statistics

  • Science

    • Chemistry for Engineers​

    • Material Science and Advanced Materials

    • Physics I and II