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September 2009 - June 2013

HS Dipolma, Electrical Concentration
Shawhsheen Valley Technical High School

​I was fortunate to have the opportunity to attend Shawsheen Tech.  In addition to providing a well-rounded education, and experience in the trades, it taught me the importance of accountability and professionalism.

During my first year at Shawsheen I had the opportunity to explore many vocations including autobody, automotive, carpentry,  electrical, electronics, graphic arts, HVAC, internet technology, machine  shop, masonry, metal fabrication and plumbing.   I concentrated in the electrical field.  Relevant skills and honors are as follows:

  • OSHA 10 Hour Safety Certificate

  • Honor Roll 

  • Electrical Skills

    • rough wiring​

    • services

    • relays

    • wiring schematics and diagrams

    • testing equipment and tool usage

    • NM, NC, EMT, RMC, SMR, PVC

    • reading blueprints